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Introducing NanaWall

Atlantic Architectural Millwork

NanaWall redefined the category of opening glass wall systems.

With over 30 years of experience, NanaWall was the first to introduce and popularize folding glass wall systems in North America. Re-imagining how buildings, people, and the elements interact, and combining precision engineering and outstanding design options, NanaWall advances design possibilities beyond the conventional.

Glass Wall Systems

The moving glass walls are customizable to meet the requirements of a project. Every moving glass wall system is manufactured for long-term performance, durability, and beauty.

Each panel of the glass folding doors connects to the others and folds as they open, all within a single track. Wide, unobstructed openings are not constrained by fixed glass panels of a traditional slider. The panels can be top-hung or floor supported in inward or outward opening configurations. In addition, the glass walls are energy-efficient.

Folding Glass Wall Systems

Featuring clean-lined aesthetics with narrow profiles for unobstructed views, these benefits are offered:

  • Quality craftsmanship backed by rigorous testing and high-grade materials
  • Open and close with ease, with one-handed operation
  • Tamper resistant locks create a secure multipoint connection
  • Energy-efficient when closed to maintain consistent comfort on the inside
  • Specialized seals and sill designs combat wind, rain, and extreme weather
  • Available in aluminum frame, solid wood frame, solid wood aluminum clad, and frameless

Sliding Glass Wall Systems

Featuring spotless, light-filled spaces that unifies interior and exterior spaces, the single track systems are simple in form and engineered to perfection. Exquisite architectural minimalism is achieved and these benefits are offered:

  • Accommodate angle changes up to 90° to create almost any shape
  • Unlimited number of panels possible for wider openings
  • Integrated swing doors to help with space optimization
  • Customizable panel stacking bay options
  • Single, or no floor track option for smooth transitions
  • Ease of operation while offering long term performance and weather protection
  • Available in aluminum framed, wood framed, and frameless

Frameless Glass Wall Systems

Featuring clean-lined aesthetics of unobstructed sightlines, these benefits are offered:

  • Narrow, continuous, horizontal rails create streamlined appearance
  • Extended opening widths possible for wider openings
  • Quality craftsmanship backed by rigorous testing and high-grade materials
  • Ease of operation while offering long term performance
  • Swing panels are available to accommodate various foot traffic patterns
  • Available in sliding, folding, center pivot, and sliding pivot

Systems of connected bi-fold door panels offer hundreds of fold-and-stack configurations. The doors have inward or outward openings, and are top-hung or floor supported models. Open a single door, or the entire wall.

No matter the size or the requirements of the space, NanaWall Systems are custom made. The specifications fit particular needs of both residential and commercial buildings. Spaces are transformed.

Minimal Sliding Glass Walls

The ultra-thin lines of a minimal sliding glass wall system provide maximum light-filled spaces. They also offer the largest panels available in the NanaWall product line. Minimal sliding glass walls are clean and uniform.

Unifying outside with inside, seamless spaces are created with cero® by NanaWall. The focus is on the essential elements of light, form, material, space, and nature. Made up of floor to ceiling sliding glass panels, cero® is known for its German engineering and symmetrical design. This distinguished product creates a picture frame effect around fully transparent views, and offers these benefits:

  • Extremely narrow, uniform panel rails and stiles
  • Innovative roller system for smooth sliding and operation
  • Interlock design that prevents metal-to-metal contact, creating a soft open and close
  • Multipoint tamper-resistant locking system
  • Four floor track options to accommodate interior and exterior applications

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Three Collections, One Simplified Approach; MARVIN

Atlantic Architectural Millwork, Marvin Windows and Doors

The same Marvin products, one simplified approach of three collections. The Marvin Windows and Doors brand has evolved and has now become one brand: MARVIN.

“That’s why we’re changing how we organize our products to make them easier to find and select. Our windows and doors haven’t changed, but we’ve combined Marvin Windows and Doors and Integrity Windows and Doors products under one brand: Marvin. We’ll soon launch a new website, and you’ll also start seeing our new logo and visual expression on all our materials and experiences.”  – Marvin

The three collections of Marvin will be organized as;

Signature Collection (Previously known as Marvin Windows and Doors)

Featuring the Ultimate and Modern product lines, the Marvin Signature Collection offers the broadest range of product types, sizes, configurations, and design options. Every detail is considered, delivering the highest level of architectural correctness and unrivaled appeal.

Elevate Collection (Previously known as Integrity Wood-Ultrex®)

The Elevate Collection is thoughtfully designed to offer specifically-chosen features and options to help make your vision a reality. Warm wood interiors with strong, durable Ultrex fiberglass exteriors provide the ideal combination of beauty and strength.

Essential Collection (Previously known as Integrity All-Ultrex®)

The Essential Collection makes it easy to achieve design and quality with clean lines, streamlined options, and powerful performance. Strong, durable Ultrex fiberglass exteriors and interiors mean windows and doors that are virtually maintenance-free.